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Mobile Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, & More in Las Vegas NV

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Mobile Detailing in the Las Vegas Metro Area.
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Full Detailing

At Silva Detailing, we provide professional interior and exterior mobile detailing services throughout Las Vegas, NV. Keep your vehicle looking and feeling its best. We’ll bring your vehicle back to life with a full range of detailing services. From vacuuming, shampooing, and upholstery cleaning to wash and wax, headlight restoration, and engine bay cleaning, we do it all!

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Paint Correction

Whether you want to bring your older car back to life or just want a show-car finish, paint correction is for you! The paint correction process removes heavy paint damage such as swirl marks, scratches, scuffs, water-spots and etching from a vehicle’s paint finish.

Paint correction is sometimes a necessary step before beginning the ceramic coating process. A coating cannot be complete without making sure the underlying surface is clean of contamination, swirls, and other blemishes that may cause the ceramic coating to have a shorter life span. Contact us to learn more!

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PDR Techs Waco TX

Ceramic Coating

At Silva Detailing, we are System X Certified ceramic coating installers serving the Las Vegas area since 2019. Ceramic coatings provide unmatched slickness, protection, hardness, and brilliance to any vehicle.

Unlike traditional wax, ceramic coatings are transparent, highly durable, and last for years. Protect paint and surfaces from wear and tear and harsh elements, exponentially reducing scratches, and maintenance.

System X® creates a brilliant solution that adds a layer of protection to your vehicle. This ceramic coating finish will make your paintwork appear as if it were dipped in glass. This new ultra hydrophobic surface is slicker, glossier, and more durable then the original clear coat.

Protects From Harmful UV Rays, Water Stains & More

Hydrophobic & Easy To Clean

1 Year - 10 Year Coatings Available

Interior, Exterior, Wheel, and Glass Coatings Available

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